Take a trip to Kanazawa, Japan this week on Taste Matters as Mitchell Davis is joined by Shin Takagi, chef of Zeniya Restaurant in Japan and Vice President of Japan's Young Chef Organization. Chef Shin explains the concept of Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner that most closely resembles Western haute cuisine. From hyper-seasonal ingredients to close attention to service and presentation - Shin makes sure that no detail is lost in his multi-course carefully balanced approach to food. Discover how cultures intersect through Kaiseki and what values Shin holds closely in his cooking and restaurant design. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.

"I think of seasons not split in four, but in twelve. Early, middle and late seasons are all different." [07:12]

"If you want to participate in a [Kaiseki] tea ceremony - you should expect to be there for at least 5 hours." [03:35]

"Now if you say the word 'umami', more Americans know about it than the Japanese." [05:08]

--chef Shin Takagi of Zeniya Restaurant on Taste Matters