This week on Taste Matters, host Mitchell Davis is joined by the president of the New York City Food Truck Association and co-founder of Rickshaw Dumpling, David Webber. They discuss how New York City food trucks played an immediate role in Sandy relief by serving up hot meals to communities devastated by the storm. Webber talks about how these mobile kitchens were an effective tool in bringing food, generators, and supplies to areas that needed them most. Food trucks are a growing part of New York City cuisine so tune in and hear about this mobile food organization and how they single handedly fed neighborhoods who were without food after the storm. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery


"Food trucks are well suited to relief efforts - they are self sufficient, relatively nimble, and mobile." [2:57]

"The idea of using a food truck to supply food after a storm when the power is out is pretty intuitivie, but the scale of this effort is unprecedented." [8:58]

"Food trucks are very seasonal - as it turns out in this market, Fall and Spring are great." [22:34]

"I see mobile food as a great incubator to grow a business." [25:01]

--David Weber, President of NYC Food Truck Association on Taste Matters