Gabriella Gershenson recaps the Saveur 100 with Mitchell Davis on this week's installment of Taste Matters. Gabriella is the Senior Editor at Saveur Magazine, and she's in the studio to talk about the difference between other best-of lists and the Saveur 100. Hear how the team at Saveur Magazine compiles their list, and listen in to learn why the Heritage Radio Network was included on this year's list! Tune in to find out what people and locations were profiled, and why the magazine seeks to highlight trailblazers and the authentic. What are some of Gabriella's favorite food trends that did not make <Saveur's list? Hear Gabriella and Mitchell discuss immigration, and how it affects authenticity in food. This program has been sponsored by 360 Cookware.

"There are some things that the young staff doesn't even think that we can make at home, and then the test kitchen goes and proves us wrong." [15:00]

"Nothing exists in a bubble, and our idea of the 'Italian grandma' is always going to have a twist and a turn." [20:30]

"We're trying to capture food as it's evolving." [22:15]