Dede Lahman and Neil Kleinberg are reading the tastes of Uptown and Downtown Manhattan with their restaurants Clinton Street Baking Company and Community! On this week's installment of Taste Matters, host Mitchell Davis is joined in the studio by Dede and Neil to talk about brunch culture. Why has brunch become so popular recently, and what NYC hot spots were serving delicious, quality brunch long before the trend? How do food preferences differ in various neighborhoods in Manhattan? Later, Dede and Neil talk about their upcoming Tokyo location, and how Asian populations have influenced their culinary decisions. Tune in to hear Neil talk about the burgeoning Brooklyn food scene, and listen to Dede speak her mind about food criticism. This program has been brought to you by The Brooklyn Kitchen.

"We pride ourselves on having neighborhood restaurants where we track exactly what our guests are eating. It's part of being a restauranteur, really." [8:00]

"Anybody can become a critic. A lot of people can write about food, and they may not have eaten a lot of food or a large variety of food [27:45]

-- Dede Lahman on Taste Matters