What is a real deli? Find out from none other than Noah Benamoff of Mile End Delicatessen in Brooklyn, one of the leaders in what some consider the "Jewish Food Revival". Hear what an authentic delicatessen means to Noah and discover the differences between smoked meats, pastrami and corned beef. Learn how American Jews are rediscovering their ethnic culinary roots and hear about some of the dishes and movements that excite Noah today. Discover why Noah considers Chinese food "traditional" Jewish food and get some insight into Jewish deli culture from somebody who has helped popularize the old tradition. This program was sponsored by Brooklyn Slate.

"I think people are getting in touch with their ethnic roots. We've seen it pretty richly with Italian Americans, Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans. I think Jews are finally coming around to the idea that they have their own ethnic tastes." [02:22]

"At a real delicatessen, you can walk in and smell steaming meats." [13:05]

--Noah Bernamoff of Mile End Delicatessen on Taste Matters