Taste Greece on a Mediterranean-minded episode of Taste Matters, as Mitchell Davis is joined by Diane Kochilas. Diane Kochilas is one of the world's foremost experts on Greek cuisine, She is an internationally acclaimed cookbook author, chef, media go-to person for Greek food, consultant, and teacher. She has written 18 books in both English and Greek on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, including the award-winning The Glorious Foods of Greece (William Morrow, 2001) and the forthcoming Country Cooking of Greece (Chronicle Books, Fall 2012). Diane is consulting chef at New York's most popular Greek restaurant, Pylos, and at the recently opened meze concept Boukiés. She helped open Volos, Toronto's premiere Greek restaurant, and has a long-standing relationship with Avli restaurant in Chicago and Axia in Bergen County, NJ. On today's show, learn about everything from Mediterranean Diets, the plant based cuisine of Greece and the true meaning of "Greek Yogurt". This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA, and break music provided courtesy of Obey City.

"Clinical trials finally proved that the Mediterranean diet reduces heart disease." [02:00]

"Greek cuisine can boast the best variety of plant based main courses of all the cuisines of the Mediterranean." [03:00]

"I'm a Greek kid who grew up in Queens, so I have fond memories of diners as a teenager." [06:00]

"The lay of the land plays the most basic role in what people eat - and that's certainly the case in Greece" [18:00]

--Diane Kochilas, Greek food expert, on Taste Matters