Sandor Katz is a culinary author, DIY food activist and self-described "fermentation revivalist." He has taught hundreds of food fermentation workshops around the United States and his book Wild Fermentation has been called a classic. On Taste Matters, hear what fermentation is all about as Mitchell Davis has a conversation with Sandor about the nature of the process, the growing trend of home fermentation and the war on bacteria. Find out why fermented foods are so safe and learn about the history behind the transformative action of microorganisms. From sauerkraut to sourdough pancakes, get the scoop on all things fermentable from a man who knows more than most. This program was sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips.



"Fermentation is an art and a science. Science has given us the tools to understand what's happening as we practice the art of fermentation. The fermentation of alcoholic beverages has been practiced for at least 9,000 years. They didn't have technology back then, but they learned a lot about how to manipulate environmental conditions to get what they want." [08:00]

"For a food that's as utterly simple to make as sauerkraut, an element of fear has been introduced. The number one question I get from people is 'how can i make sure I'm getting good bacteria growing rather than bad bacteria?' " [20:00]

"Fermentation has been a strategy for safety as well as preservation." [21:00]

"You can ferment any vegetable, it doesn't have to just be cabbage. That's not to say every vegetable will ferment wonderfully!" [27:00]

--Sandor Katz on Taste Matters