Daniel Boulud is a world renowned restauranteur hailing from Lyon, France. He is chef and owner of several of the top restaurants around the globe, including Daniel, the 3 Michelin Star NYC restaurant. This year Restaurant Daniel is celebrating it's 20th year of business and success. Daniel has been in the restaurant industry since he was a teenager, learning and apprenticing in France, before moving to New York City and taking the restaurant industry by storm. This year he has a book coming out "Daniel's My French Cuisine", his first coffee table recipe cookbook. "My French Cuisine" will be based around the food at Daniel today, with a little bit of history. Tune in to Taste Matters for an incredible conversation on Daniel's career, his influence on this generation of chefs and the importance that influence has on the way we eat today. This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants. Break music provided by Wreck Tech.

"You see a lot of young American chefs today who are touring America rather than the world and France. They are born in Cleveland and work in San Francisco and move down to the south and come back to New York, and every region brings something different." [05:00]

"I think it [Daniel] has a timeless feel as well, and yet it feels very much today." [18:50]

--Daniel Boulud on Taste Matters