Dive deeper into the world of taste and sense on a neurological episode of Taste Matters with host Mitchell Davis. He's joined by Gordon Murray Shepherd, a neuroscientist who carries out basic experimental and theoretical research on how neurons are organized into microcircuits to carry out the functional operations of the nervous system. Gordon discusses the notion of neuro-gastronomy - the science behind how we perceive taste. Where does flavor come from? How do all five senses contribute to the experience of taste? Tune in for an excellent conversation that explores tastes in all its many facets. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery. Today's break music was provided by Knifeshow.

"Neuro-gastronomy is how the brain creates the flavors that give us the pleasure from the food that we eat" 10:00

"Most of what we consider taste is actually smell." 05:00

"The control of fire, which enabled humans to being cooking food, began up to 2 million years ago. That gives sufficiant time for this to be built into the evolutoin of the human brain." [14:00]

--Gordon Shepherd on Taste Matters