Gabriella Ganugi is here on Taste Matters this week to talk with us about Palazzi, the Florence Association for International Education and University for diverse student bodies, who seek to broaden their academic experiences in Italy. With areas of study in Culinary Arts, Food Science Management, Communication & Interactive Digital Media, and many more, Gabriella talks about the differences between Italian and United States culture, and how the curriculum at her school teaches students about the history of food, especially when it comes to Italian cuisine. By allowing her students to experience Italy first-hand through field trips and traditional Italian cuisine, Palazzi has become a remarkable institution to learn more through heritage, culture, and future vision.

Gabriella Ganugi has a doctorate in Architecture, is a Certified Professional Chef, and is the founder of the Palazzi Florence Association for International Education, the academic consortium of higher learning institutions in the historic center of Florence, Italy, which includes Apicius. Specializing in the teaching of the history of food and regional cooking, she has lectured extensively and cultivated relationships with hospitality schools around the world. Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods Market, and SNOWMINE, for today’s music.

“Appreciating quality instead of quantity – it is a part of Italian culture.” [15:02]

“You always have to experience the food of Italy with the five senses.” [20:01]

Gabriella Ganugi on Taste Matters