This week on Taste Matters host Mitchell Davis is in San Francisco speaking with Chef Joshua Skenes, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of two-Michelin-star Saison in San Francisco's Mission District. As a chef residing in San Francisco, Joshua speaks about the style of cooking found at Saison, which includes smoked caviar, roasted yams, and grilled chicken. In order to find the creative inspiration behind each dish, Joshua explains how his team begins with different components, and together they attempt to draw out their best flavors and textures in each product. At Saison, Skenes takes a holistic approach to cooking by crafting food that allows diners to experience the natural sensibility of each ingredient's origin and layering flavors to bring out the fullest expression of their taste through the use of fire. Widely praised for his innovative cooking techniques, Skenes has quickly made a name for himself on the national culinary scene as one of Food + Wine‘s "Best New Chefs of 2011." Wondering how the food scene differs on the other side of the coast in San Francisco? Tune-in to find out today! This program has been sponsored by International Culinary Center. Thanks to Cookies for today's music.



"Thats the beauty of San Francisco, there are beautiful products here that all converge together." [05:10]

"For us, we choose to cook with fire. Let the products shine at their peak moment." [21:03]

-- Joshua Skenes on Taste Matters