Food is of course what drives the experience at a restaurant - but design, architecture and ambience can equally make or break the meal. On an interesting episode of Taste Matters, hear from Peter Guzy of Asfour Guzy Architects, the team behind restaurant design for the likes of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Savoy and many many more. Hear Mitchell Davis explore the quest for space in a restaurant with Peter, as they contemplate the variables that go into the overall dining experience in terms of design, aesthetic and architecture. Go beyond the food and dive deep into the built environment through the lens of food. This program was sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"The elements of architecture, like the elements of cooking, are not arbitrary. You don't combine spices in an arbitrary manner in a dish, and the same goes into how you combine materials and lighting and a making of space in a formal and an informal way. It all boils down to the experience, and in the end, when you walk into a space it should say something to you like the first bite of chicken cacciatore when you put it in your mouth." [09:00]

--Peter Guzy on Taste Matters