This week on Taste Talks, Sarah Zorn is closing out the season with a packed studio including Gothamist Food Editor Nell Casey, A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi White, plus celebrity chef Michael Psilakis. Nell and Sarah discuss some intriguing food news before delving into Jarobi and Michael's culinary adventures - why they both decided to pursue the food route plus thoughts on the intersection of music and food. Tune in for loads more! This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

Featured music: "They Dance For Me," from Jarobi White's still untitled, upcoming EP.

"Most of my best experiences have been in the intersection of music and food together." [14:15]

"The music business and the cooking business are very similar in the immediate gratification of it; you're only as good as your last song, as your last plate." [17:45]

--Jarobi White on Taste Talks

"Cooking is an addiction. If I'm alone I just want to cook and I don't care about anything else." [19:30]

--Michael Psilakis on Taste Talks