In honor of the upcoming Bowl of 'Zole Festival, Jimmy talks about the festival's featured food and drink: pozole and mezcal. He is joined by one of Bowl of 'Zole's curators, Arik Torren of Fidencio Spirits, in addition to Leslie Vinyard of Roberta's Pizza and Chris Crowley of Grub Street. Arik draws on his experience importing spirits as the group talks about the traditional process of making mezcal and how increased demand has affected farmers in Oaxaca. They also discuss their favorite places to get pozole in New York and compare mezcal with natural wine. Learn more and get tickets to Bowl Of 'Zole here.

Beer List: Sierra Nevada's Fantastic Haze Imperial IPA, Del Maguey's Wild Papalome Single Village Mezcal, Del Maguey's San Jose Rio Minas Single Village Mezcal

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