We're getting ready for the Tasting Table 2013 Lobser Roll Rumble and on this program Leah checks in with Kaitlyn Goalen of Tasting Table! Tickets for the event are on sale today - and Kaitlyn gives listeners a preview of what's to come for this years event. Hear about some of the participants, the layout of the event, desert vendors and other great surprises for the Summer Kick Off.

HeritageRadioNetwork.org will be covering the Tasting Table's 2013
Lobster Roll Rumble on June 6th! Join us for a chance to vote on your
favorite lobster roll. Tickets are now on sale, click here for



"We're really excited about the contenders we have coming on. We have restaurants from all over the country!" [4:00]

--Kaitlyn Goalen of Tasting Table on HeritageRadioNetwork.org