The Forbes annual "30 Under 30" list identifies and applauds young innovators and entrepreneurs who are impacting our world. The 2015 list, released on January 5th, represents 600 game changers across 20 industries. This inaugural episode of Tech Bites! looks at this year's Food & Drink "30 Under 30", specifically the young prodigies using technology to change the way America eats and drinks. Guests: Vanna Le is a Forbes Online Business Editor, and has worked on the Food & Drink "30 Under 30" since its inception in 2012. Jason Wang, is one of this year's 30, with his company Caviar, a premium food delivery service, enable by technology. Leanne Brown is one of this year's 30 as the author of "Good and Cheap," a free PDF cookbook for low-income and Food Stamps recipients. This program was brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.


"It was hard to get a lot of names in the first year but now we have so many because the list is so well known." [09:00]

"When we did the list the first year our main focus was on chefs and restaurants. We didn't focus too much on technology because we had a separate category for technology." [10:00]

--Vanna Le on Tech Bites