Michelin first published in 1900, a book of restaurants worth a trip to encourage people to dive more on their Michelin tires. The new car technology was the catalyst. Today Michelin Guide is one of the world's most important restaurant reviews. How does today's tech, like Instagram, Yelp and the internet, drive restaurant reviews? All questions Jennifer Leuizzi asks the Tech Bites in-studio guest, Ryan Sutton, restaurant critic at Eater.com. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.

"10 years ago the food writing community didn't have the breadth that it does now." [12:00]

"The factual side of what we do as restaurant critics is expensive." [15:00]

"We're trying to bring a certian amount of objectivity into the writing process." [16:00]

--Ryan Sutton on Tech Bites