Factory farming is the focus on part 3 of our compendium to the upcoming TEDxManhattan event in NYC on February 18th. Erin Fairbanks chats with Steve Wing, professor of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina about the community health impacts of factory farm animal production. Tune in as they discuss the challenges we face in improving large scale livestock production, reducing pollution and ensuring safety in our food systems. This program was sponsored by Glynwood.


“As far as the future – unfortunately I’m afraid we may have to continue these sorts of studies because we haven’t seen positive signs from the regulatory agencies that they will take action to reduce the pollution levels and the suffering of people who are being affected.” [13:00]

“For the most part, people are not really aware of the consequences of food production when they’re buying things at the store.” [17:00]

–Steve Wing on HeritageRadioNetwork.org