Live from the Foodiness Fallout Shelter…It’s the 2nd or 3rd annual (I can’t remember) Golden Uncrustables awards show! Starring….your host, Erica! With Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, and Jack Inslee on the Twitter feed! Before we get started, let’s just re-introduce all of our 87 million global listeners and viewers to the Golden Uncrustable, and give a little historical information about the awards. The Golden Uncrustable is an award for Foodiness atrocities committed, Foodiness audaciousness and just plain old Foodiness bullshit. It is named in honor of the “Uncrustable” a frozen, pre-made, crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich, sold by Smuckers. The Uncrustable represents EVERYTHING to me that’s wrong in food in America today.

“Today’s parents are trained dog servants to their chubby over-indulged offspring.” [12:00]