Have you ever purchased wine at an auction? Though it may seem intimidating, wine auctions are actually a great place to procure wine – no matter the price point. On “the business of The Business”, Phil Colicchio sits down and chats with Michael Jessen, Managing Director of Zachys Wine Auctions. Last year – private auctions grossed well over $300 million dollars worldwide. Michael’s company did over 20% of that number. Get an inside perspective on the industry of auctions and how wine fits into the equation. This program was sponsored by Ambur Point of Sale App.

“There are many misconceptions about what it means to acquire wines at an auction. It’s a much more down to earth experience than people realize. We’ve sold single bottles for as high as $70,000 but you can find great bargains at $30 or less.” [05:00]

–Michael Jessen of Zachys Wine Auctions on “the business of The Business”