A law degree is so much more than just that. As a wise man once said “lawyers can do anything”, and today’s guest on the business of The Business, Jasmine May, proves just that. Tune in and learn how she transitioned from law into freelance writing and found success penning articles about food, travel and hospitality. How do you get paid as a freelance writer? Learn from somebody who has figured out the puzzle of freelance life, and get some rare insight on a very informative episode of the best business show on the airwaves. This program was sponsored by Ambur Point of Sale App


“When writing you want to make sure you’re opinion is the only one they get by the time they’re done reading.” 08:00

“Because I was always eating out and familiar with people in the industry – it was a natural place to start.” 15:00

“The minute you want to make money writing you have to start networking like crazy.” 19:00

–Jasmine Moy on the business of The Business