Food trucks are the future - and listeners are in for a treat this week on the business of The Business as Phil Colicchio is joined by two men who couldn't be closer to the action. Hear from Deepak Devaraj, Chairman and CEO of Feeding Innovation, and Joe Falvo, COO. The two explain why mobile kitchens and food trucks have made such major strides in recent years and what makes the industry so unique for investors. From logistics to numbers, get an inside perspective on what some consider the next big thing in food. If you're a business owner, find out how you can easily take your food business to the street and turn profit doing so.This program was sponsored by Ambur App


"I literally stumbled into the food truck revolution and it's of the biggest blessings i've ever stumbled into." [5:00]

---Deepak Devaraj on the business of The Business