Structure is the theme of the day on this week's episode of the business of The Business as host Phil Colicchio is joined by Jimmy Bradely, chef-owner of two popular New York City restaurants-The Red Cat and The Harrison. Find out how Jimmy has built his career in a sustainable way and kept his two restaurants thriving while always looking ahead to the next big project. Hear how he put together the initial investor group for the Red Cat and separated himself from his peers at an early age. This program was sponsored by Fairway Market.


"To solicit money from 30 different people means you have to meet with 60. It can be pretty time consuming." [15:00]

"I prefer partnerships, and I prefer to build a group of people in agreement." [26:00]

"It's not us against them or 'the customer is always right'. There's a happy medium with every relationship that leaves both people satiated and willing to come back to the table for more." [35:00]

--Jimmy Bradley on the business of The Business