Lisa Pieroni is an attorney and intellectual property specialist. Her client base is a who's who in the New York restaurant and hospitality business. She is this week's guest on Phil Colicchio's the business of The Business. Get a rare opportunity to hear directly from somebody who helps protect ideas in this industry. What is considered intellectual property? Can you protect recipes? Aesthetics? Names? Hear exactly what you need to know to keep your ideas safe from copycats - and find out why some ideas will never be claimed by any one person. This program was sponsored by Ambur App Point of Sale System.

"Trademark law is to protect the quality of something...When somebody sees a trademark they are looking to quality control and consistency." [22:00]

"If you want to protect a recipe - you need to keep it secret." [27:00]

"DO NOT ignore a Cease & Desist letter." [32:00]

--Lisa Pieroni, attorney and intellectual property specialist on the business of The Business