NFL player Winston Justice tackles The Business of the Business this week with host Phil Colicchio. Winston and his business partner Evan Inatome are the owners of Elixir Coffee in Philadelphia. While football brings big bucks, careers can be short and costly. Hear why Winston decided to help start the bar and how the venture is fairing. Starting a coffee bar has its challenges, from dealing with petitioners to decorating the restroom. Learn how to make a coffee shop brew. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center .

“We’re learning in business school that you have to believe in the entrepreneur even more than the product sometimes” [13:22]

Winston Justice on the business of The Business

“We didn’t even tell anyone that we opened, we kind of just opened our doors” [18:00]

“You kind of find the best coffee find the best roasters from across the country and you show them off.” [26:43]

“I think quality is the one thing that an entrepreneur that can have that can distinguishes themselves. Entrepreneurs can’t win on cost. [30:00]

–Evan Inatome on the business of The Business