This week on the business of The Business, host Phil Colicchio is joined by Philadelphia based chef/restauranteur and former Top Chef winner Kevin Sbraga. Find out how his venture into reality TV was actually a desperate attempt to launch his own restaurant and how it’s helped his career as a chef. Most chefs open restaurants first and find acclaim later – Kevin did exactly the opposite. Learn how this interesting career path has defined him, and what serious challenges he’s faced along the way. Prize winnings can’t sustain a career, and Kevin explains how he overcame hardships to find success with his Philadelphia restaurant “Sbraga”. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center.


“There’s no denying that the show [Top Chef] changed my life. I did the show out of desperation – I was desperate for my own restaurant.”

“When you put yourself into the spotlight in front of a million viewers and try to back it up with your restaurant – yeah, you feel a lot of pressure!”

“I didn’t go the route that most chefs did. My acclaim came first – and the restaurant came second.”

–chef Kevin Sbraga on the business of The Business