Picking up from where last year’s conversation on Super Storm Sandy and insurance claims left off – Phil Colicchio is joined by insurance expert Howard Sweetwood on an important and informative episode of the business of The Business. There are some very important deadlines approaching for insurance claims made in the wake of Sandy, and Howard informs listeners exactly on what they need to do to get the most out of their claims. If you’re a restaurant – what type of insurance should you sign up for? If you’re filing a claim – what exact language should you use? If you’re a food professional or even just a homeowner who doesn’t know much about insurance – this is a great episode to listen to. Tune in and get ahead of the curve. Contact Howard with additional questions at 201-478-9015 or [email protected] This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.

“When it comes to power outages – it’s important to have your overhead transmission lines covered. It’s very specific coverage.” [25:00]

“October 29th is the deadline for filing a claim in terms of flood insurance. All other losses – the deadline is two years.” [36:00]

“If you’re insurance broker is not your advocate – get a new insurance broker.” [59:00]

–Howard Sweetwood on the business of The Business