C.E.O. of Fare Thee Well, Jude Rozenveld cut her chops in the hotel world with the opening of the St. Regis in New York. For her, it was a hotel boot-camp that gave her the tools to go onto to create her own company. On this episode of The Business of the Business, Rozenveld discusses how the model of what makes a successful hotel work has changed since the 1990s, whether it’s catering to exclusive chefs or working with unions. Rozenveld is also part of some interesting new developments in Staten Island. Host Phil Colicchio and Rozenveld trace their way from the history of hotels in Staten Island from the time of Corenlius Vanderbilt to Rozenveld’s future plans for the area. This program was sponsored by Tekserve.



“Years ago, who wanted to eat at a hotel?” [27:32]

“One atheistic is not going to work in another locale.” [31:20]

“What I like to do is spend enough time with them and develop their concept and develop a concept that is going to be economically feasible.” [30:07]

“It was hard to go onto subsequent hotels beucase there was nothing that measured up to the standards that St. Regis taught me.” [6:03]

“Self-sustaining operations are all the rage right now becuase they make sense.” [15:29]

“I love nerds.” [22:27]

“A lot of people think of revenue management of what happens when the money is in the hotel. In fact, it happens way before that, you need to drive your business. First, you need to know your business, you need to drive your markets.” [23:51]

— Jude Rozenveld on The Business of the Business