On part two of the business of The Business, Phil continues to talk with Tony award winning actress Cady Huffman about her entrepreneurship as an entertainer, through her acting career and the television industry as a judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef. As an actress who first started working in dinner theater, Cady explains how she got her start, and put herself in a position to grow within the industry. Always wanted to learn more about money management within the restaurant industry, or interested in the story of someone who truly rose from the ground up? Tune-in to part 2 of the business of The Business to learn more! This program has been sponsored by Fairway Market.


“Part of my entrepreneurship is that I direct, produce, and choreograph big events for non-profits.” [8:20]

“When I go out, it’s very disappointing if it’s not a top to bottom entertaining experience.” [11:10]

Cadfy Huffman on the business of The Business