On a special episode of the business of The Business, usual host Phil Coliccio turns things around and becomes the guest on today's show, as guest host Jack Inslee interviews Phil on his recent trip to Monaco, highlighting the food business of luxry yachts. As Phil explains, the super yacht business is a rapidly growing industry, wherein guests and tourists are looking for more and deluxe and extravagant hospitality. Within the food and beverage business, Jack and Phil discuss about the possibility of "star chefs" on yachts, and just how similar the hotel and fine dining restaurant industry can be when compared to the yacht business. Also learn more about the Oceanic Culinary Collaborative, which has an ultimate goal of sponsoring yacht chefs and further improving their culinary skills by working with other established chefs. This program has been sponsored by Brooklyn Slate.


"On the yacht it's an incredible ballet - you have to be fully prepared. The Yacht chef has to be prepared to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a fine dining type of way, as well as throw together scrambled eggs and sausage at 3am." [12:20]

-- Phil Coliccio on the business of The Business