On this week’s episode of the business of The Business, host Phil Colicchio welcomes Hans van der Reijden, partner and managing director at Capella Hotel Group – The Hotel at Auburn University, and chef Rob McDaniel, executive chef at SpringHouse, and alumni of Auburn University and the New England Culinary Institute. Together, the three speak about education, the culture of first class hospitality, and teaching these skills to students throughout the industry. Hans speaks on training and internship opportunities, and Rob, a James Beard nominated chef, talks about how he utilized his time at Auburn to enhance both his restaurant and the Russell Lands resort. Learn more about SpringHouse, the hotel at Auburn University, and what techniques both Hans and Rob utilize to continue presenting high quality service. This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards and Sons.

“We believe that if you truly want to be exceptional in hospitality, you have to be truly personalized.” [16:35]

Hans van der Reijden on the business of The Business

“It’s good to see that Auburn has expressed that need for a culinary school. Now you see the change – hotels are getting named chefs to come in and take over the culinary program, and it’s becoming more of a revenue center and an amenity.” [40:20]

Rob McDaniel on the business of The Business