This week's episode of the business of The Business features Douglas Quint and Bryan Petroff, founders of the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! From having their start as a summer experiment with the "Big Gay Ice Cream Truck" in 2009, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop has since then exploded on the New York dessert scene, becoming featured by The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out NY, and many more. Learn how Doug and Brian expanded from food truck to brick and mortar store in New York City's East Village, formed their business off of delicious ice cream and toppings, and how their original name has brought both change and a difference to the LGBT community. Find out more about the store and their delicious ice cream today! This program has been sponsored by Cain Vineyard & Winery.


"We just wanted to do something weird one summer, and driving an ice cream presented itself, and then it turned into a couple stores. The business came to us, we didn't come looking for it." [5:30]

-- Douglas Quint on the business of The Business