Charlie Harary is an attorney and venture capitalist with H3 & Company and a business professor following in the footsteps of his immigrant father. This week on the business of The Business, Phil Colicchio chats with Charlie about his family's history in the United States, and why he learned about business from growing up in his father's pizza restaurant. Why do successful businesses always anticipate the needs of their clients? Hear how Charlie established a community by helping kosher businesses on Long Island. Find out why good service drives profit. Learn to take control of your future; tune into Charlie Harary on this week's edition of the business of The Business! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve.


"Not knowing your customer, not knowing who is listening or buying - you can get really tripped up." [15:20]

"Anticipation of need is how you build business." [22:20]

-- Charlie Harary on the business of The Business