Today on the business of The Business, Brian Stys talks with host Phil Colicchio about the Stys Hospitality Initiative, of which Brian is the founder and president. The Stys Hospitality Initiative strives to provide owner's project management, that strictly focuses on the Hospitality Industry. Brian Stys has worked with large scale restaurants from California Pizza Kitchen, Hard Rock Cafe, to even smaller developments, such as The Greenwich Hotel and Locanda Verde NYC. By working with restaurants to provide concept development, site selection, design development, pre-construction, pre-construction, project management, and post-construction, Bryan has done it all. This is a great opportunity go get the inside track on the finer details of opening and maintaining a restaurant, tune-in today! This program has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"You have the same amount of moving parts on every job. Getting that to work together, is very difficult." [05:23]

"There was no model to follow - it was based on treating people with respect and really executing your services." [15:03]

-- Brian Stys on the business of The Business