Join Sari Kamin and Adam Sobel of The Cinnamon Snail on a wacky journey filled with figs, artichokes, and thai basil! Tune into this HRN Community Session to hear about the history of The Cinnamon Snail food truck and Adam's various nominations at The Vendy Awards over the years. How did Adam get involved in cooking, and how did he get the idea to combine such esoteric flavors? Hear how The Cinnamon Snail serves as a "gateway drug" for non-vegan eaters with their approachable doughnuts and sandwiches! Tune in to find out Adam's opinions around imitation meat. Learn about Adam's upcoming cookbook, and find out what he's going to be cooking up at this year's Vendys! Thanks to our sponsor, BluePrint Cleanse. Today's music has been provided by Space Disease.

"Having worked in a lot of vegan restaurants, I know that a lot of people who come to these places are already vegan or vegetarian... For some people, our truck is the only vegan restaurant where they eat." [7:00]

-- Adam Sobel of The Cinnamon Snail