This week the Farm Report is abuzz with bees and honey. Joining host Erin Fairbanks is bee lover and owner of Catskill Provisions, Claire Marin, who imparts us with her encyclopedic knowledge of these creatures from mating habits, to how to start your own apiary, to why raw honey is best. Later on Adam Diehl, a maple syrup farmer who supplies Catskill Provisions, with his syrup tells us all about how to tap a maple, especially in this crazy February weather. Finally, tune in for a very special extended edition segment with Laura Ten Eyck of the American Farmland Trust who fills us in on the No Farms, No Food rally coming up in Albany and how you can do your part to fight for a more transparent food system. This episode is sponsored by White Oak Pastures


"Always buy raw honey that hasn't been heated above 93 degrees . . it retains all the good stuff that way, all the antibiotic properties and antioxidants."

"Bees are amazing . . . they can teach us about efficiency, democracy . .we can learn a lot from them."

--Claire Marin on The Farm Report