This week on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks interviews the father-daughter duo: Dan and Margot Brooks of Wayward Goose Farm and Consider Bardwell Farm. Dan used to work on a large-scale family dairy farm, and has moved to working with twenty head of cattle. Margot studied Conservation Biology at St. Lawrence University, and has taken this knowledge to work with goats at Consider Bardwell. Tune in to hear about how Margot and Dan work together to make delicious cheeses using both goat and cow milk. Hear about Dan's work with veal calves, and why 'veal' isn't necessarily a dirty word. Tune in to hear more about Dan and Margot's lives in West Pawlet, Vermont. This program has been brought to you by Edwards.

"I realized I could really make an impact if I took my conservation biology background and took it into farming." -- Margot Brooks on The Farm Report

"To me, veal means that the cows are generally fed milk. Commercial veal are held in confined space and fed mostly milk, but also a lot of milk replacements." -- Dan Brooks on The Farm Report