On this week's installment of The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks is interviewing John and Dorothy Priske of Fountain Prairie Farms, located just outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Tune in to hear about the Priskes' start in agriculture; John grew up on a subsistence farm, and later grew bushels of asparagus at his brother's farm. Hear about John and Dorothy's brief stint in industrial agriculture, and why they decided to switch to grass-based, rotational crop farming. Learn why the Priskes decided to raise Scottish Highland cattle, and the importance of supporting heritage breeds of animals. Finally, hear about John and Dorothy's retirement plans, and how they have protected their land from development and preserved it for future farmers. This program has been brought to you by Heritage Foods USA.

"In order to save animals, you really need to eat them, which means you have to have some economic value there."

"You can't handcuff the young people coming in [to farming], because they might have ideas that we've never even considered." -- John Priske on The Farm Report