This week's episode of The Farm Report is a follow-up with Janisse Ray, author of the new book, The Seed Underground. Tune in to hear host Erin Fairbanks and Janisse discuss the need for a return to an ecozoic mindset in regards to food production and conservation. Learn why Janisse thinks that the term "conventional agriculture" should not be used to describe the processes used by large-scale ag. Hear more about the genetic materials of seeds, and how they store information that can protect against climate variations and disease. Later, Erin checks in with Liz Carollo, the Publicity Manager for GrowNYC. Hear about some of GrowNYC's upcoming Greenmarket events! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"I don't think that corporations are people. I think that corporations are piles of money that dictate people's actions"

"There's nothing conventional about chemical agriculture."

"Millions of years of history are stored in a seed."

-- Janisse Ray on The Farm Report