The Farm Report continues its "Growing Beer" series with Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt. Valley Malt, a husband and wife team, helps provide the Northeastern craft and home brewer with artisanal malt from locally grown grains. Learn about the life of a barley farmer and what challenges they are faced with in terms of seasons and harvesting. Andrea explains everything from how to make a batch of malt to the process of combine harvesting. Discover what goes into beer from farm to glass on the second installment of "Growing Beer" on The Farm Report. As usual, tune in for the GrowNYC Market Update after the program! This program was sponsored by White Oak Pastures.

"When a brewers brewing a beer they are mostly using base malts than then small portions of specialty malts."

"In our country today, there are eally only 5 large malt houses that exist..the big malthouses don't necessarily do a lot of new creative things. That's why we're excited about being a small malt house becuase we have the ability to try new things...There are a lot of unusual grains being grown in this area. We've malted grains like spelt, buckwheat, millet, amber, red fife, rye and more."

--Andrea Stanley of Valley Malt on The Farm Report