This week, Erin Fairbanks is once again talking about beer and agriculture with guests David Katleski and Becca Jablonski. David is the president of New York's own Empire Brewing Company and the New York State Brewers Association. Becca is Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University and an agricultural economist. Tune in to hear discussions regarding New York State's Farm Brewery Bill. The bill's aim is to establish beer as an agricultural product in New York, encourage farmers to grow hops and barley in the state, and generally support the beer industry. Learn about New York's climate, any why the state cannot compete with China and the Pacific Northwest in terms of large-scale hop production. Later, Erin checks in with Jeanne Hodesh of the GrowNYC Greenmarket. Hear about the last of summer's tomatoes, as well as some of the amazing celery that's in the market right now! This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Our rural economies are not doing so well in New York state. We are lagging behind some of the urban centers... We're trying to think about how we can generate business that's going to create jobs so people come and revitalize some of these areas that were once thriving." -- Becca Jablonski on The Farm Report

"In a ten year span, not only have we tripled our sales, but we've tripled the number of breweries in New York State." -- David Katleski on The Farm Report