Erin Fairbanks is investigating cider as an agricultural product on this week's episode of The Farm Report! Tune in to hear Erin talk with Eleanor Leger of Eden Ice Cider. Eleanor produces ice cider- a higher ABV beverage that is made through cold-concentration processes. Learn more about the processes involved with making ice cider, and why Eleanor and her husband decided to pour their life savings into this business. For farmers and artisans, cider is important to the New England agricultural economy. Later, Erin and Eleanor talk about the slowing local juice industry, and the prevalence of imported juices from concentrate in the grocery aisle. Later Jeanne Hodesh from the GrowNYC Greenmarket calls in to talk about the apples, potatoes, and bay scallops entering NYC's markets! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods.

"We're very excited to encourage other orchards in Vermont and New England to start producing ice cider. We really believe it's a product that represents our terroir well, and you cannot make it in a lot of places." [14:23]

"All of the fresh juice market has disappeared in the U.S. Virtually every bottle or can of fresh juice in the supermarket today comes from concentrate from outside of the U.S." [22:33]

-- Eleanor Leger on The Farm Report