This week on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks is talking with two important guests from the world of food and agriculture. First up is Mark Schlosberg, the National Organizing Director for Food & Water Watch. Tune in to hear Erin and Mark discuss two ballot initiatives from the past election cycle that affect the environment and farming: Question 300 in Colorado, and Proposition 37 in California. Learn how the community of Longmont, Colorado kept hydrofracking out of their town. What organizing methods were successful? Later, hear Mark talk about the labeling of GMO foods in California, and why Prop 37 did not pass. The people have the right to know where their food comes from! Learn about Food & Water Watch's upcoming campaigns dealing with transparency in the food system. Later, Erin calls up Severine Von Tscharner Fleming, founder of The Greenhorns and host of HRN's Greenhorn Radio. The Greenhorns are a non-profit organization that works with young farmers and creates media that promotes sustainable agriculture and educates beginning farmers. Hear Erin and Severine talk about Superstorm Sandy, and how it impacted farmers in the Hudson Valley. Learn about new farm technology, and how young farmers are banding together in numbers to develop tools to deal with unpredictable weather. Finally, Erin checks in with Jeanne Hodesh for this week's GrowNYC Market Update! This episode has been sponsored by Hearst Ranch.

"Communities should have the ability to protect themselves from the real threats that fracking poses to water, air, public health, and really- the community. When people band together and talk to their neighbors and do real organizing, they're capable of pushing back against big money interests that are trying to exploit our essential resources without regard to the consequences." [4:15]

-- Mark Schlosberg on The Farm Report

"One-hundred-year storms are happening every year, and when your livelihood depends on being at the market of every week...and, largely depends on pieces of aluminum supported by pieces of plastic with sixty thousand dollars with of tomatoes underneath! It's hard to have piece of mind and think that it's a simple matter." [21:00]

-- Severine Von Tscharner Fleming on The Farm Report