Erin Fairbanks continues talking about oyster farming on this week's episode of The Farm Report. Steve Malinowski of Fisher's Island Oyster Farm, Inc. is on the line to set the record straight on oyster breeding. Find out what Steve seeks out in an ideal oyster, and how certain oysters are selected for breeding. Hear about the spawning process, and how to distinguish between male and female oysters. How do oysters differ from other bivalves in terms of reproduction? Later, Steve explains how Fisher's Island Oyster Farm, Inc. grows all of the food for their oysters on-site, and why juvenile oysters are susceptible to disease depending on the salinity of the water they inhabit. Erin wraps up the show by talking with Liz Carollo for this week's GrowNYC Greenmarket Update! This episode has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

"All clams are born males, and during the first year, approximately 50% of them will become female and remain that way for the rest of their lives. Oysters, on the other hand, can actually change sex from one season to another." [8:00]

-- Steve Malinowski on The Farm Report