The Farm Report takes a trip to Chile this week, as Erin Fairbanks is joined by Felix de Vincente, Chairman of Prochile, and Blas Tomic, Head of Fundacion Imagen de Chile. Learn about the climate, culture and foods of Chile as Felix and Blas talk about the advocacy work they do for the country and what makes it such a special and unique place. What is the average farm size in Chile? What is it like being a farmer in the South American country? Learn how salmon found its way to Chile, and how agriculture plays such a huge role in the nation's economy. Later, tune in for this week's GrowNYC Market Update with Jeanne Hodesh and Jack Inslee! This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons.

"The modernization of our agriculture began 30-40 years ago very seriously, which began with the structural properties. The incorporation of technology and the globalization process put Chile in contact with the demands of the world..." [20:00]

"We have a climate that in the center of our country really resembles California." [35:00]

"We don't export anything with genetic modification at all." [38:00]

-- Blas Tomic, Head of Fundacion Imagen de Chile, The Farm Report