This week on The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks calls up Mary Peabody, the founding director of the Women's Ag Network and professor at the University of Vermont. Mary Peabody is a Community Economic Development Specialist with University of Vermont Extension, and the New Farmer project. Learn why women are not often counted amongst farmers in the census, and why more women are increasingly getting into the agricultural business. How does Mary assist women who want to start their own farms, and prepare for the farm life? Learn about the Women's Ag Network's start in 1994, and how it continues to operate based on member and foundation support. What other organizations deal with women in ag on a regional or national scale? And what states host the most women farmers? Find out on this episode of The Farm Report! This program has been brought to you by Consider Bardwell.


"It makes us really happy when we look down the list of associations in the area and we see women that have worked with us as presidents, vice presidents, and treasurers of these policy makers that are really going to shape agriculture in this country." [25:30]

-- Mary Peabody on The Farm Report