Erin Fairbanks traces the local produce supply in South Carolina on this week's installment of The Farm Report. Tune in to hear Erin talk with Sara Clow, the General Manager for Grow Food Carolina. Grow Food Carolina is a local food wholesaler initiated by the Coastal Conservation League that aims to make local produce widespread. Learn more about South Carolina's growing seasons, and the importance of crop diversity in the state's hot climate. Later, Erin is joined by Matt Settar, the Produce Manager for EarthFare supermarkets. Hear Matt discuss his reasons for working with Grow Food Carolina, and EarthFare's focus on organic produce and healthy food. Finally, Erin calls up Carol Williams of Millgrove Farms, one of Grow Food Carolina's producers. Learn how a love of the land inspired Carol and her husband, Ben, to grow without pesticides. What does Grow Food Carolina offer individuals like Carol and Ben? Find out on this week's installment of The Farm Report! This episode has been sponsored by Route 11 Potato Chips.


"In order to make local food not just a specialty food and part of everyday, Grow Food Carolina sells as a wholesaler. [4:20] -- Sara Clow on The Farm Report

"Grow Food Carolina brings all the local farmers into one place, and it makes it really easy to deal with." [21:40] -- Matt Settar on The Farm Report

"We wanted to make the land last forever, which is why we decided to go organic instead of conventional." [29:40] -- Carol Williams on The Farm Report