Seal the deal with Catskills Provisions! Tune into the Farm Report as Erin Fairbanks sits down with Proprietor, Beekeeper and Forager at Catskill Provisions, Claire Marin. Located in a small corner of the Northwest Catskill Mountains, Catskill Provisions specializes in creating raw, all-natural handmade food products while subscribing to the philosophy that a thriving society makes use of the closest resources around it. Tune in to learn more about their local honey, maple syrup, chocolate truffles and brand new line of pancake mix made with Cayuga flour; all part of their Valentine's Day themed "Seal the Deal" package! This program was sponsored by Rolling Press.

"It's not just selling something its creativing relationships with people you do business with. business and humanity can go hand in hand - they really can!" [2:00]

--Claire Marin of Catskill Provisions on The Farm Report