Alex Young grows food at Cornman Farms, and cooks it at Zingerman's Roadhouse! On this week's episode of The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks is chatting with Alex about running a farm and a restaurant. What inspired Alex to grow the food for his restaurant himself? Listen in to hear more about the menu at Zingerman's Roadhouse, and their affinity for heritage breeds. What are some of the biggest problems that the restaurant and farm face regarding animal slaughter? Tune in to hear Alex and Erin talk about land access in Michigan, and the juxtaposition of sprawl and farmland in the Midwest. Learn more about Alex's vision of farm-restaurants on this week's episode of The Farm Report! This episode has been brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery.

"I try to pick items to farm that aren't grown in large quantities, so I'm not taking business away from other farmers." [5:05]

"Now, we are actually producing all of the food for the plants ourselves!" [19:15]

-- Alex Young on The Farm Report