Jason Foscolo knows food law. On this week's episode of The Farm Report, Erin Fairbanks invites Jason into the studio to talk about the legal considerations of farming. Tune in to hear why every farmer, whether a beginner or a veteran, should always have a good lawyer on call. How do professionals like Jason help beginning farmers gain access to land, and represent lifelong farmers in contractual selling situations. How did Jason's time as a judge advocate in the Marine Corp. prepare him as a lawyer and a food enthusiast? Learn how food-borne illness can be a threat to farmers' livelihoods, and how the Food Safety Modernization Act is changing the way Jason practices law. Thanks to our sponsor, Whole Foods, and thanks to Jade for today's music.

"From the moment before a farmer starts to plant, they should start thinking about some sort of access to legal expertise. You can't plant without land. If you're going to buy or lease- that's a threshold issue right there." [2:30] -- Jason Foscolo on The Farm Report